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Damien is an Award-winning Certified Career and Life Coach, currently servicing national and international clients. He received The Coach of the Year and Peer Group Coach of the Year honors from Paradigm360 Coaching & Consulting in the fall of 2017. He also is a International speaker, and author of the Amazon top selling relationship book #CompletelySingle: Learning how to become the right ONE before meeting the right ONE. He has a heart to see everyone reach their full potential and find their purpose in life! 

Kathy is a Certified Career and Life Coach, author, teacher, and speaker for women’s conferences. She believes that once a woman discovers the greatness within herself, she will be destined to fulfill her life purpose. This wife, mother, and grandmother is passionate about sharing her wisdom.

What Is Coaching?  

 "Coaches help people like you grow faster, perform at higher levels, understand themselves more deeply, and live with greater purpose and fulfillment. In the same way that a personal trainer helps a pro athlete maximize performance, a personal coach can help you get the most out of life." ~ Transformational Leaderships Coaching International 2013  

According to the late Sir John Whitmore, acclaimed author and founder of Performonce Consultants International, "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their growth!" We truly believe Whitmore and more importantly, we belive in you! Completely You 365's mission is to move you from your unique design to the fulfillment of your destiny by tapping into your dreams and desires.  

So, what are your unrealized dreams? What's holding you back from achieving those dreams? These are a few of the questions we will explore with you during our sessions. Whether your dreams are for your family, your career, or even your relationships, our goal is to empower you to take charge of your life. Together, we will walk with you to discover your "WHY" in life by providing resources to support you through this process! So what are you waiting on? 

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What is Group Coaching?

It is a group led by a trained coach who considers each participant's needs related to a particular issue or problem. By asking powerful questions and using active listening, the coach maximizes the experience and energy of the participants to guide them to reach their goals and develop an action plan that gets results.

Woman’s Relationship Coaching 

After nearly 50 years of working with women and children in Social Service agencies, as a pastor’s wife, a Social Worker and planning women’s seminars, Kathy Nash is passionate about women understanding their unique design and purpose. Therefore she has designed a unique group coaching model using a combination of Social Group Work methods, mentoring, and reflective discussion. These sessions are done by telephone so women both in the US and abroad can participate in them.  

Package I - Chosen

For the woman who desires to be in a committed relationship with a male partner or who is already in a relationship that may be leading toward marriage.

Package II - Virtuous

For the woman who wants to activate her inner beauty and improve her walk with God as she discovers her life purpose.

Package III - Fulfilled

For the woman who wants to find her identity and pursue her life purpose.

A Certified Life Coach will meet with three or four women bi-weekly for six sessions (3 months). This will include individual coaching, laser coaching, and reflective discussion. The dates and times of the sessions vary, but CY365 will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. The groups will be scheduled between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Monday through Friday EST.

 Women's Group Coaching Testimonials

We love to do onsite seminars.

Need a speaker? Let us come to your business or church and lead a seminar designed just for you.

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These clients are glad they chose our company.

“My experience with CY365 Coaching has been phenomenal! I’ve only had a few coaching sessions so far, however, after application of the coaching tips I’ve received, there’s been a 100% increase in one of my organizations! I can't wait to see the results of future sessions.” 

- April G., Pinky Promise Inland Empire, CA

“CY365 is a great self-awareness, self-reflection coaching program. My coaching sessions are a great gift for helping me become a better man, better father, and a better role model in life to help build our heavenly Father’s kingdom here on Earth. CY365 helps you discover you, which is a huge blessing... Thank You!”

- Clifford B., Delta Air Lines, Inc., GA

“Mrs. Nash did a great job speaking at the Women of Kairos - Pearls in the Park: A discussion on Purity. She was transparent while sharing various stories and experiences from her life. Her candor and examples from the word of God, engaged and inspired participants. We were blessed by her speaking.”

- Yewande O., Director, Women of Kairos

“Upon my first session with Coach Nash, he simply began a casual conversation that resulted in me identifying my strengths and weaknesses. The most interesting part of my session was not being aware I was being coached. He’s just a natural!” 

- London B., U.S. Military Honor Guard, VA  

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